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Discover what it means to live a heart healthy lifestyle.

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Walnut Nutrition

At Walnut Nutrition, we want to help you get to

the root problem. We take nutrition therapy very seriously, because heart disease, diabetes and stroke are serious life-threatening conditions.

We are here to provide you with real practical nutrition tips to lower your risk and discover a pattern of eating that can be sustainable for life.

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Registered Dietitian

Hi there, my name is Gloria. I am a cardiac registered dietitian that specializes in heart healthy and diabetes nutrition counselling.




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We offer heart healthy nutrition counselling and corporate wellness services, crafting sessions and plans that are personalized to you or your group's needs and preferences.

Our services are currently offered to residents of both British Columbia and Ontario, Canada.


We aim to provide a safe
and non-judgmental environment for you to comfortably share your nutritional concerns and goals with us.


The backbone and core of our practice is science and evidence-based research. We try our best to regularly update our practices to provide you with up to date recommendations.

care & plans

We specialize in client-centred medical nutrition therapy and aim to cater and individualize our care to you. We look at the full picture and tie in your preferences, culture and traditions.


We want to break it

down and make it easy for you through tips and advice that make sense and are sustainable for you and your personal lifestyle.

private & secure

Feel at peace to know that we partner with data encrypted programs to try our best to keep what you share with us confidential and safe. 

ready to take control of your health?

We would love to talk, learn more about you and help you discover a heart healthy way of eating that fits just right for you.

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