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At Walnut Nutrition, we believe in the importance of positive connections and relationships. We strive to help clients discover one of the most important relationships of all: our relationship with food, and the transformative power it has on our lives.


At Walnut Nutrition, we strive to be a trusted source for heart healthy nutrition information. Our practice is based on quality research and evidence, with services provided to you by a trained, registered and regulated nutrition professional.

We aim to put you first and provide services that cater to your specific needs.

OUR Vision

  • Sharing the transformative power of nutrition to the community.


  • Helping individuals discover a heart healthy way of living that fits for them.

  • Translating science in practical and meaningful ways.


Words from our Founder 

Hi there,

My name is Gloria. I am a registered dietitian that specializes

in heart healthy nutrition counselling.

I completed my bachelor of science degree, major in dietetics

with honours from the University of British Columbia, and then afterwards went on to complete my dietetic internship with Vancouver Costal Health. I am a highly trained and regulated healthcare professional, registered in good standing with the College of Dietitians of British Columbia and Ontario and carry

a Dietitians of Canada membership.

I have a wide variety of experience with various client populations, with specializations in cardiac nutrition. I have both clinical and non-clinical experience working with individuals with heart disease and diabetes. I am currently working as a cardiac dietitian with the University Health Network's globally recognized Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation Program and have sought to start my own private practice to help more individuals with discovering a heart healthy lifestyle suitable for them.

Thank you for your time. I look forward to working together. 

Best regards,

Gloria Sun, Cardiac Registered Dietitian

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We aim to provide a safe
and non-judgmental environment for you to comfortably share your nutritional concerns and goals with us.


The backbone and core of our practice is science and evidence-based research. We try our best to regularly update our practices to provide you with up to date recommendations.

care & plans

We specialize in client-centred medical nutrition therapy and aim to cater and individualize our care to you. We look at the full picture and tie in your preferences, culture and traditions.


We want to break it

down and make it easy for you through tips and advice that make sense and are sustainable for you and your personal lifestyle.

private & secure

Feel at peace to know that we partner with data encrypted programs to try our best to keep what you share with us confidential and safe.