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heart healthy foundations™

6 week self-paced COURSE designed to teach you the foundations of a sustainable heart healthy lifestyle 
to help 
lower cholesterol AND blood pressure

M e e t   o u r ,

Registered Dietitian

Hi there, my name is Gloria. As a Cardiac Registered Dietitian,
I aim to help you make lasting changes for your heart health through simple, practical and evidence-based ways.



are you feeling..

Stressed over a higher cholesterol and/or blood pressure and unsure what steps to take to prevent risk and lower your levels.

​Frustrated over what foods to choose and eat for a healthy heart.

​Lost in how to prepare or cook in a heart healthy way.

Fearful of giving into your food cravings and eating too much.

​Tired of months or years of dieting and trying to maintain a "perfect" weight for the purpose of achieving a healthier heart.

Overwhelmed with managing all the physical, mental and emotional facets and difficulties related to heart disease.

Defeated or disappointed in yourself for not being able to stick with or achieve the heart health goals you've set for yourself.

Caught in-between multiple contradicting sources of information on what to do and what not to do in relation to heart disease.

Uncertain over how to set heart healthy goals that actually last.

in this COURSE, you will learn:


how to lead a sustainable heart healthy lifestyle, 


how to heal your relationship with food, enjoy food fully and manage food cravings in a heart healthy way.


summary of key evidence and practical steps
to lower your cholesterol and blood pressure.


foundational food skills,
giving you THE confidence YOU NEED TO MAKE food choices.


begin your heart healthy journey

this COURSE includes:

6 video module sessions

10 bonus guides/handouts

3 planning worksheets

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introducing the 6 modules:

Module 01: introduction to heart healthy foundations

Understand how the heart works, key terminology, risk factors, lab markers, etc.

Summary of key evidence for heart disease risk prevention.

The components of a sustainable heart healthy lifestyle.

Learn how to set heart healthy goals that are sustainable and last.

Heart Healthy Goal Setting Worksheet

Module 02: managing food cravings for heart health

Learn the key ways to manage food cravings for heart health.

Learn why developing a healthy relationship with food is key to heart health.

Understand why we crave foods and various types of hunger.

Food Cravings Reflections Worksheet

Module 03: Proven eating patterns for heart health

Learn the key to heart healthy balanced meals with an emphasis on specific foods.

How to achieve optimal macronutrient balance for a healthy heart.

Top 3 evidence-based eating patterns for lower cholesterol and blood pressure.

How to effectively portion meals in a simple and heart healthy way.

3  Evidence-Based Eating Pattern Infographic Handouts

Heart Healthy Balanced Plate Model Infographic Handout

Heart Healthy Starter Portion Guide

Module 04: heart healthy meal preparation & cooking

Learn specific meal and snack examples to support your learning.

Learn how to easily and effectively plan heart healthy balanced snacks.

Understand heart healthy meal preparation and cooking methods.

Learn various cooking tools useful to support heart healthy cooking.

Heart Healthy Snack Guide 

30 Ways to Flavour Dishes Without Salt Handout

Module 05: heart healthy
grocery shopping 

Learn how to effectively read food labels for heart health.

Learn how to shop heart healthy on a budget.

Learn how to grocery shop in a heart healthy way.

Review product examples to support learning.

Weekly Meal Planner Worksheet

Heart Healthy Food Label Reading Guide

Heart Healthy Grocery List  (5 pages)

Identify key nutrients of concern for heart health on a food label.

Module 06: overcoming
heart health setbacks 

How to navigate sticky and difficult conversations with others.

How to eat heart healthy within a family context.

How to overcome the top 5 common heart health setbacks.

How to eat heart healthy when dining out and travelling.

Heart Healthy Dining Out Guide

How to stay motivated, deal with burn out and keep going.

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