Walnut Butter Recipe

If you are a nut butter fan, then you have to try this homemade walnut butter recipe.

Walnuts are packed with heart healthy nutrients like fibre, healthy fats, protein, vitamins and minerals. Learn more about the health benefits of walnuts in this article.

Keep on reading to dive deeper on how to choose walnuts, what to pair the walnut butter with and for the simple 1-step recipe near the bottom.

How to Choose Walnuts

More often so, I would recommend to choose unseasoned walnuts without added salt, sugar or other flavourings.

Purchasing walnuts in bulk either in their raw (shelled or unshelled) or already roasted form and then storing it in the fridge to maintain its nutritional value is also something I often recommend to clients.

Toasting raw unseasoned walnuts at home is a lot easier than it may seem and only takes about 5-8 minutes. When you are toasting them at home that is when you can add your personal favourite seasonings. This way you have more flexibility with how much of different seasonings you are adding.

What to Enjoy THE Walnut Butter With

Enjoy 2 tablespoons of the walnut butter as a source of protein, fibre and healthy fats alone on top of a slice of toast or inside of a sandwich with other ingredients.

Add the walnut butter on top of oatmeal, salads, or even on top of homemade pizza! Or dip your favourite fruit like apples or pears inside the walnut butter and enjoy as a great snack.

Another simple way to enjoy this nut butter is in salad dressings, to provide a beautiful nutty taste and smooth consistency.

Walnut Butter Recipe


2 cups of unsalted toasted/roasted walnuts


Food processor


  1. Blend toasted walnuts in food processor until desired consistency is reached. Depending on how powerful your food processor is, it may take a few minutes or even longer to reach your desired consistency. If needed, scrape the sides of the food processor and give your processor breaks in between blends.

  2. Transfer the walnut butter to a sealable container, store in the refrigerator and enjoy!

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